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Metal solutions

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We develop and produce smart products and devices for the agricultural sector and the household sector.

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Metal stamping parts, semi-finished or completely assembled products. We supply a series of 10 but also 1,000,000 pieces. According to your specifications and with the guarantee that it will fit seamlessly into your own processes.



Thanks to our own tool-making  and R&D departments, we have a great deal of experience and expertise in the manufacturability of products, tools and production methods. You can use this knowledge and experience! Our smart guys are happy to support you with your idea or development of existing (re-engineering) and new products.

You don't see it often, but the products of Ebbers Metalworks can be found in many places.
We not only supply products for safe airports worldwide, but also provide clean stables and a number of smart metal solutions in almost all industries.


To be proud of. . .

Proud of a safe Dubai International Airport

Dubai is one of the busiest and safest airports in the world. Partly due to the application of the electric transport wheelchairs, produced by us, for the client Special Mobility, more than 250 passengers are safely transported to their aircraft every day and we are proud we have been able to contribute to the co-engineering and production of this high-quality product.


Client: Special Mobility

Design: Studio Rotor

Engineering / production: Ebbers Metalworks

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